Heel Raise

An extrinsic heel lift added to the underside of the orthotic. The lift is manufactured using extra firm posting material.
A unilateral lift is used for patients who have an anatomical leg length discrepancy. A small heel lift can also be used bilaterally to treat patients with limited ankle dorsi flexion (i.e. Equinis) or Achilles tendonitis.
Functional leg length discrepancy; older patients who have never worn a heel lift.
For an anatomical leg length discrepancy, please indicate which leg requires a lift. The maximum lift height is 10mm, although most shoes will not accommodate that high a measurement. Always extrinsically post the non-lifted orthotic unless space is an issue. First time heel lift users should never be corrected more than 50% of their total leg length discrepancy. When used bilaterally for limited ankle doris-flexion (i.e. Equinis) or Achilles tendonitis a 3mm lift is recommended.