Seminar Details

Our seminars will provide you with the fundamentals needed to practice orthotic therapy successfully in your clinic and offer a comprehensive continuing education learning environment.

Medical Compression Therapy Seminar

Seminar Highlights:

  • Overview of the circulatory system
  • Venous disorders and risk factors that indicate or contraindicate medical compression therapy
  • How to measure, fit and select an appropriate medical compression garment
  • How to integrate medical compression therapy into your practice


Mastering Custom Orthotic Therapy: Level 1

Seminar Highlights

•  Assessing pronation and supination
•  Recognizing normal foot function
•  Becoming comfortable evaluating patients standing  and walking
•  Recognizing common foot structure problems requiring the use of custom foot orthotics
•  Insight into the best shoe designs for your patients
•  How to cast for custom foot orthotics
•  Beginning to write orthotic prescriptions


Mastering Custom Orthotic Therapy: Level 2

Seminar Highlights:

•  Assessing foot imbalances and foot structure problems
•  Review biomechanical examination and report
•  Prescribing the proper shoes
•  Molding techniques for custom foot orthotics
•  Dynamic foot biomechanics and gait analysis
•  Interpreting GaitScan™ reports


Mastering Custom Orthotic Therapy: Level 3

Seminar Highlights:

•  Practice management - Increasing your orthotic volume
•  New patient protocol
•  More complex use of orthotic prescriptions
•  Custom orthotics in sports medicine
•  Treating patients with serious foot and leg problems
•  Advanced GaitScan™ interpretation


Casting and GaitScan™ Seminar
This course is great for GaitScan™ beginners, or anyone who would like a GaitScan™ refresher. Learn how to get the most out of your GaitScan™. Along with hands-on practice performing foam casting.

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