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Patient / Practitioner Entrances
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To better suit the needs of our visitors, we've divided our space up into sections dedicated to both practitioners, as well as their patients.

Practitioners will find everything they've come to expect from and more! We've upgraded our Customer Resource Site into a new and improved Account section, we're opening up the doors for better interaction with the help of Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and we've made vast improvements to our website in general to ensure our partners have the best online experience possible.

Furthermore, our practitioners can now help their patients learn more about orthotics by directing them to's patient site. Featuring plenty of information concerning foot healthcare and foot orthotics, patients will be able to educate themselves and purchase their foot orthotics knowing they've made a healthy, conscientius choice.

International Distributor Content
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Along with seperate patient and practitioner sections, we now have spaces dedicated to our International Distributors. Inside of these dedicated spaces you will find contact information pertaining soley to a specific region. Furthermore, we've added international content to the rest of the site including Seminar listings and product availability. As The Orthotic Group continues to expand globally, we will continue to search for ways to provide 100% satisfaction with our service no matter where our partners are located.

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Customer Resource Site is Now Your Account
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Loaded with all of the features it was originally designed with, the Customer Resource Site has been further improved upon and relabeled as Your Account. Besides having the tools you've come to know and love, we've also added a more in depth and extensive Learning Center for Partner education, and an enhanced E-Help section to ensure that every single one of our Partner's problems are solved. Having made these changes, we will continue to do our research and keep striving for ways to make ourselves more accessible to our Partners in the future.

Extensive About Section
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Having been in business for over 25 years, we pride ourselves in our long and fruitful history. Visit the About section to find out our values as a company, as well as to get a little closer to the great people working for us. We've also set up an up to date News section so you can track our non-stop progress.

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Easy to Use Online Seminar Registration
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The Orthotic Group's Seminars have been a hit ever since we started putting them on. Now you can quickly and easily register for one of our seminars with just a few clicks of your mouse. Get all the facts about each individual type of seminar in the Seminar Details section, and then select the particular seminar you would like to attend to begin your easy Online Registration process.

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In-Depth GaitScan™ Information
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TOG GaitScan™ is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available and it has been designed to move you to the forefront of orthotic therapy and patient education. That being said, it was an obvious decision to provide as much information to you about this amazing system as possible. With improvements being made all the time, the GaitScan™ system is still only getting better.

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Careers and Applications
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The Orthotic Group is always looking for the most talented, energetic, and forward thinking minds to join our team. After all, we wouldn't be where we are now with out such amazing talent. That's why we've added an online career and application system to make finding positions at The Orthotic Group easier for you. So if you're interested in working with us, take a look at the available positions we currently have posted or keep updated with notifications from Facebook and Twitter.

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