Architech™ FAQs

Is Architech™ right for my practice?
The Architech™ was designed / developed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare practitioners who are looking for a simple, efficient and patient-oriented orthotic scanning system. With its portable and space-saving design, the Architech™ can easily be implemented into the foot care routine of any sized office.
What are the benefits of using Architech™?
Your practice is a busy place, with many moving parts – and feet! If you are looking to recover an extra 15 minutes in your day, then the Architech’s™ simple and quick scanning process may be right for you. With no casting costs, the Architech™ will cut down on your expenses and help to facilitate more efficient patient visits. In addition, the Architech’s™ vast library of 3D educational videos will allow you to effectively demonstrate patient conditions, and the benefits of orthotic therapy. With a very friendly user interface, including several tutorials, this technology offers real-time support to you and your staff 24/7.
What is the cost of Architech™?
With the realities of today’s economy, TOG designed the Architech™ to be an affordable option for a practice of any size. Several acquisition options are available, backed by a 90 day satisfaction money back guarantee!
To see how easy an Architech™ can be implemented into your practice, contact TOG at 1-800-551-3008 and ask for an Architech™ Representative.

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